Install before you have a bird problem!

We recommend having bird netting installed around your solar panels, before you have a bird problem. Once those pesky birds make your solar system their new home, it can be costly to have the mess cleaned up, not mention the damage they can do to your panels & roof.


What happens if you don't protect your panels?

*Roof Facts: As you can see in the pictures, the poop builds up & gets wet. Overtime, this can eventually lead to the roof deteriorating, creating roof leaks & other costly roof damage.

*Health Facts: Their poop carries fungus & parasites, which can pose a health risk for you & your loved ones. Not to mention, where do you think that stuff goes when its raining? Its pouring on your roof & the rain is washing all that unhealthy stuff onto your patio, doorways & plants. 


Our netting is the BEST!

Our netting is back coated, so its virtually invisible. The coating makes it weather resistant, so it wont rust or corrode, making it a very durable product.  

Its HOA & solar provider APPROVED!

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